FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2019: Spoken Tutorial Animation work

1. Screening level Task description: 

Create a 30-second animation for any one of the following options:

  • Option 1:  A man/cartoon character throwing a ball on the ground. And the ball bounces a few times.
  • Option 2:  Character animation  of a man/cartoon walking

Details of the task:

Option 1 :
    1. Create a 3D Male character and a ball.
    2. Animate the character to demonstrate that he is throwing a ball.  And the ball bounces a few times.
    3. Add materials and textures in the scene.
    4. Add background images wherever required.
    5. Add lights (minimum 2 lights).
    6. Set cameras (minimum 1 camera).
    7. Render the animation in MP4 format in good quality.
    8. Add the rendered [MP4] file, Blender raw file [.blend] in one folder and zip it.
Option 2 :
    1. Create a 3D Human character - male or female.
    2. Animate the character to demonstrate that he/she is walking.
    3. Add lights (minimum 2 lights).
    4. Set cameras (minimum 1 camera).
    5. Render the animation in MP4 format in good quality.
    6. Add the rendered [MP4] file, Blender raw file [.blend] in one folder and zip it. 
Scene must have the following:

    1. At least one character
    2. One camera
    3. At least three different materials 
    4. Two different lights
    5. At least one image imported from another source (e.g. made in Inkscape/GIMP/image downloaded from the internet)

    1. Make the storyline humorous
    2. Add details & make your animation more expressive 
    3. Include more keyframes to have a smoother animation 
    4. Animation should be at least 5 seconds (min. 250 keyframes playing at 25/fps frames per second)
    5. Add background images that develop your story
2. Guidelines to be followed for submission:

  • Put all the files in a single folder.
  • Compress all the files into a single zip file. 
  • Name the zip file with your name.
  • Upload on the moodle submission portal.
3. Technical requirements:

3D Blender, Basic knowledge of animation, GIMP, Inkscape

You may refer below links to get more information about the softwares.

Blender Spoken Tutorial link:

Tutorials from Blender team:

Gimp Spoken Tutorial link:

Inkscape Spoken Tutorial link:

4. Timeline:

Visit to know the important dates.
Moodle submission portal will be available till 31 March 2019. Start working on the submission tasks and be ready with the required files.
For any queries, please write to fellowship[at]spoken-tutorial[dot]org

5. Evaluation Criteria:

Submitted projects will be evaluated on the basis of the criteria given below:
  • Character modelling
  • Animation
  • Details in animation
Please note that the selected applicants will have to agree to transfer the full copyright of their work to the Spoken Tutorial project.