FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2019 : Spoken Tutorial Arduino work

1. Screening level Task description:

Watch the Arduino (Basic Level) spoken tutorials in the given link to get more information about the components used and experiments using Arduino.

Details of the task:
  1. Go to
  2. Register yourself.
  3. Make a ping pong game using Arduino in the platform.
  4. Use the required components: 16x2 LCD, 4 switches and other passive components, two switches for each player (name it as UP and Down).
  5. Make the circuits and simulate using the platform.
  6. Save your project.
2. Guidelines to be followed for submission:

  1. After saving your project, it will create a link of your work on the platform.
  2. Share your work with us and change the accessibility to "public" in order for us to see them.
  3. Upload saved project link to moodle.
  4. You may attach a README file to describe your submission.
  5. Upload on the moodle submission portal.

3. Technical requirements:

Basic knowledge of electronics and various sensor working using Arduino.

4. Timeline:

Visit to know the important dates.
Moodle submission portal will be available till 31 March 2019. Start working on the submission tasks and be ready with links and code files.
For any queries, please write to fellowship[at]spoken-tutorial[dot]org

5. Evaluation Criteria:

Submitted projects will be evaluated on the basis of the criteria given below:
  • Circuit Design
  • Documentation of task
  • Quality of CODE
Please note that the selected applicants will have to agree to transfer the full copyright of their work to the Spoken Tutorial project.