FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2019 : Spoken Tutorial QGIS work

1. Screening level Task description: 

Task Approval step: Please specify the details of what you will do in this Google Form.

Step 1: Select topic/variables from the list. Link for the topics/variables:
Select an area in your locality. Collect the data.  For data collection, you need to contact the District Collector’s office/ Tehsil Office.  Formal letter to all the District Collectors in our country have been posted. Please find the copy of this letter at this link.

Step 2: Prepare the data in spreadsheet format (CSV format).

Step 3: Import the ata in spreadsheet (CSV format) in QGIS to create a map.

Step 4: Analyze the maps as follows:
  • Get the basic statistics for each layer.
  • Use Spatial Analysis tools available in QGIS to create graphs and histograms for the vector data.
  • Analyze the correlation between two layers.
  • Summary of the analysis.      

Step 5: Write a one-page report to summarize the project you have done using QGIS. The report must have information on how the data was collected, sources for the data and summary of the analysis.

Resources to learn QGIS:
Use the link to download QGIS:
To start learning QGIS, refer to the Spoken Tutorials on QGIS:

2. Guidelines to be followed for submission:
Create a folder which has the following documents:
  • Data in spreadsheet format (CSV format). 
  • The corresponding map created using QGIS should be submited in QGIS format so that it can be viewed in QGIS.
  • Analyze each layer in the map using Analysis tools in QGIS.
  • One page report and summary of the project. 
  1. Compress all the files into a single zip file. 
  2. Name the zip file with your name.
  3. Upload the zip file on the moodle submission portal.
3. Technical requirements:

Participants must have Basic Knowledge of GIS and experience in using QGIS.

4. Timeline:

Visit to know the important dates.
Moodle submission portal will be available till 31 March 2019. Start working on the submission tasks and be ready with the required files.
For any queries, please write to fellowship[at]spoken-tutorial[dot]org

5. Evaluation Criteria:

will be uploaded soon...

Please note that the selected 
applicants will have to agree to transfer the full copyright of their work to the Spoken Tutorial project.