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Workshop/Training Statistics

Total number of Workshop/Training 116274
Participants Count 5884183
Total female participants 2261965
Total male participants 3293858
1 Madhya Pradesh Rewa Govt College Umariya MP LibreOffice Suite Impress Commerce Outside Dr. Maheshanand 02 Jan 2017 21 View Participants
2 Madhya Pradesh Sagar Govt. Degree College Patharia LibreOffice Suite Impress Bachelor of Science (Bsc) Outside Dr. A.R. Malviya 02 Jan 2017 46 View Participants
3 Madhya Pradesh Indore Govt. mlb girls pg college, Indore LibreOffice Suite Impress B.Sc. Mathematics Mapped Archana 14 Feb 2018 7 View Participants
4 Madhya Pradesh Indore Bherulal Patidar Govt. P.G. College, MHOW (M.P.) LibreOffice Suite Impress Bachelor of Art (B.A) Outside Dr. Ranjana 30 Jan 2017 3 View Participants
5 Madhya Pradesh Bhopal Government Geetanjali Girls PG (Autonomous) College LibreOffice Suite Impress B.Sc. Computer Science Outside SHIPRA 02 Jan 2017 35 View Participants
6 Madhya Pradesh Indore Shaheed Bhima Nayak Government Post Graduate College LibreOffice Suite Impress B.Com. with Computer Applications Outside PROF JAINENDRA KUMAR 02 Jan 2017 20 View Participants
7 Madhya Pradesh Ratlam Govt. College Tal Distt Ratlam (M.P) LibreOffice Suite Impress Arts Outside BHARAT SINGH 11 Mar 2017 9 View Participants
8 Madhya Pradesh Indore Govt. Holkar Science College(NC) LibreOffice Suite Impress Physics Outside SHAILESH KUMAR 20 Jul 2016 20 View Participants
9 Madhya Pradesh Bhopal Govt Arts & Commerce (Naveen) College, LibreOffice Suite Impress B Com (commerce) Outside DR. RAJIV 06 Jan 2017 31 View Participants
10 Madhya Pradesh Sagar Autonomous Girls P.G. College of Excellence Sagar mp. LibreOffice Suite Impress M.Sc. in Botany Outside ELA 02 Jan 2017 13 View Participants
11 Madhya Pradesh Bhopal Career College Bhopal LibreOffice Suite Impress M.Sc. Computer Science Mapped Prof. Pradeep 31 Aug 2017 7 View Participants
12 Madhya Pradesh Bhopal Career College Bhopal LibreOffice Suite Impress Zoology Outside Prof. Pradeep 22 Sep 2016 5 View Participants
13 Madhya Pradesh Bhopal Govt College, Obedullaganj MP LibreOffice Suite Impress B Com (commerce) Outside Dr. Usha 02 Jan 2017 54 View Participants
14 Madhya Pradesh Ujjain Govt.Girls P.G.(Excellence) College Ujjain(NC) LibreOffice Suite Impress Pharmaceutical Chemistry Outside Principal 07 Mar 2017 4 View Participants
15 Madhya Pradesh Ujjain Vikram University, Ujjain LibreOffice Suite Impress Mechanical Engineering Outside Amit 07 Mar 2017 27 View Participants
16 Madhya Pradesh Bhopal Govt Motilal Vigyan Mahavidayalaya, Bhopal(NC) LibreOffice Suite Impress M.Sc in Chemistry Outside SYED HASHIM 02 Jan 2017 26 View Participants
17 Madhya Pradesh Gwalior Govt. S.M.S.P.G College, Shivpuri LibreOffice Suite Impress B.Sc. Mathematics Outside Rakesh kumar 25 Feb 2017 11 View Participants
18 Madhya Pradesh Jabalpur R. S. Govt. P. G. Girls College Chhindwara. LibreOffice Suite Impress M.A. Sociology Mapped NEELIMA 02 Jan 2017 20 View Participants
19 Madhya Pradesh Bhopal Govt Girls College Itarsi, (M.P.) LibreOffice Suite Impress Science Outside SANJAY 01 Jul 2016 34 View Participants
20 Madhya Pradesh Gwalior Madhav Institute of Technology and Science, Gwalior LibreOffice Suite Impress MCA Outside rajni ranjan singh 30 Sep 2016 71 View Participants