Workshop/Training Statistics

Total number of Workshop/Training 114866
Participants Count 5825415
Total female participants 2235173
Total male participants 3261882
1 Telangana Warangal Kakatiya Government Degree College Advanced Cpp Computer Science and Applications Outside Dr D Suresh 02 Jan 2019 85 View Participants
2 Telangana Rangareddy CMR Technical Campus C and Cpp Electronics and Communication Engineering Outside Rashi 21 Jul 2014 54 View Participants
3 Telangana Hyderabad VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad Java Computer Science and Engineering (B.Tech) Mapped A. Manusha 01 Jan 2019 242 View Participants
4 Telangana Hyderabad Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College Git Mechanical Engineering Outside deevena 20 Jul 2016 96 View Participants
5 Telangana Hyderabad Sree Dattha Institutions LibreOffice Suite Writer Diploma in Electrical Engineering Outside PUNEET 08 Jul 2016 14 View Participants
6 Telangana Mahbubnagar Govt. Degree College, Atmakur LibreOffice Suite Draw B.SC. M.P.CS (Maths-Physcics-ComputerScience) Outside Government Degree College 01 Jan 2020 3 View Participants
7 Telangana Hyderabad Anwarul Uloom College (Autonomous) Java Business Application B. Sc. Computer Science Outside Dr.Sultana 02 Jan 2017 16 View Participants
8 Telangana Hyderabad Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering and Technology Scilab Electronics and Communication Engineering Mapped Bagade 01 Jul 2019 292 View Participants
9 Telangana Hyderabad Government Degree College Jammikunta LibreOffice Suite Writer B.Com. with Computer Applications Outside Dr. Adi Ramesh Babu, Coordinator 01 Jan 2016 12 View Participants
10 Telangana Rangareddy TASK - Anurag College of engineering, Aushapur C and Cpp Electrical and Electronics Engineering (B. Tech) Mapped RAMBABU 15 Jul 2019 56 View Participants
11 Telangana Adilabad Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies, Basar DWSIM Chemical Engineering Outside Mahesh 01 Jul 2016 76 View Participants
12 Telangana Rangareddy Government Degree College Tandur Java B. Sc. Computer Science Mapped GDC 01 Jan 2018 7 View Participants
13 Telangana Warangal Vaagdevi Engineering College, Warangal Moodle Learning Management System Faculty Development Programs (FDPs)(PMMMNMTT) Outside Shahbazuddin 01 Jan 2020 243 View Participants
14 Telangana Rangareddy KG Reddy College of Engineering and Technology LibreOffice Suite Writer Electrical and Electronics Engineering (B. Tech) Outside Dr. SRINIVAS 14 Jul 2016 15 View Participants
15 Telangana Hyderabad Sree Dattha Institutions LibreOffice Suite Impress Electronics and Communication Engineering (B.Tech) Outside PUNEET 22 Sep 2016 124 View Participants
16 Telangana Hyderabad GOVT. DEGREE COLLEGE, YELLAREDDY ChemCollective Virtual Labs B.SC. B.Z.C (Botony-Zoology-Chemistry) Unmapped Dr. K. Praveen 01 Jan 2020 12 View Participants
17 Telangana Nalgonda Government Degree College, Alair LibreOffice Suite Calc B.COM. (C ) (Computers) Mapped HARITHA 01 Jul 2019 5 View Participants
18 Telangana Hyderabad St. PETER'S ENGINEERING COLLEGE QCad Mechanical Engineering (B.Tech) Outside Radhika 01 Jan 2020 108 View Participants
19 Telangana Warangal GDC (W) Khammam C and Cpp B.Sc Physics and Computer Applications Outside NARASIMHARAO 03 Jul 2019 11 View Participants
20 Telangana Hyderabad Methodist College of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad Scilab Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) Outside Praveen |Kumar 06 Jan 2020 30 View Participants