Workshop/Training Statistics

Total number of Workshop/Training 118126
Participants Count 5964025
Total female participants 2293982
Total male participants 3341683
1 Uttar Pradesh Lucknow Amity University, Lucknow OpenFOAM Mechanical Engineering (B.Tech) Outside VINEET 30 Sep 2016 3 View Participants
2 Uttar Pradesh Jhansi Bundelkhand University LibreOffice Suite Impress Zoology Outside Er.Sabir 01 Aug 2016 74 View Participants
3 Uttar Pradesh Noida JSS Academy of Technical Education Linux Manufacturing Technology Outside DHIRAJ 16 Jan 2017 24 View Participants
4 Uttar Pradesh Meerut Meerut Institute Of Technology C and Cpp Mechanical Engineering (B.Tech) Outside AYUSH 01 Sep 2016 8 View Participants
5 Uttar Pradesh Agra Anand Engineering College OpenModelica Mechanical Engineering Outside Dipti 01 Aug 2016 58 View Participants
6 Uttar Pradesh Varanasi ASHOKA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT C and Cpp Computer Science and Engineering (B.Tech) Mapped MR. 22 Jan 2019 57 View Participants
7 Uttar Pradesh Greater Noida Skyline institute of engineering & technology PHP and MySQL Computer Science and Engineering Outside GUNJAN 09 Feb 2015 37 View Participants
8 Uttar Pradesh Lucknow Babu Banarasi Das Engineering College, Lucknow Scilab Civil Engineering (B.Tech) Outside HARMEET 01 Aug 2016 88 View Participants
9 Uttar Pradesh Varanasi School of Management Sciences Varanasi PHP and MySQL MCA Mapped Dr Aditya Kumar 02 Jul 2018 25 View Participants
10 Uttar Pradesh Banda Kali Charan Nigam Institute Of Technology Advance C Mechanical Engineering (B.Tech) Outside Ajeet 01 Feb 2017 48 View Participants
11 Uttar Pradesh Noida Mahatma Gandhi Mission College of Engineering & Technology Scilab Mechanical Engineering Outside Mohani 23 Jan 2017 46 View Participants
12 Uttar Pradesh Meerut IIMT UNIVERSITY,MEERUT LibreOffice Calc on BOSS Linux Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Automobile) Mapped himanshu 01 Jan 2020 9 View Participants
13 Uttar Pradesh Allahabad Hanswahini Institute of Science & Technology LibreOffice Suite Writer Diploma in Electrical Engineering Outside Amresh 15 Sep 2016 56 View Participants
14 Uttar Pradesh Lucknow Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University LibreOffice Suite Base Computer Science and Engineering Outside DR. VINODANI 08 Feb 2014 120
15 Uttar Pradesh Jaunpur V B S PU LibreOffice Suite Base M.Sc in Physics Outside DHARMENDRA 02 Jan 2017 461 View Participants
16 Uttar Pradesh Kanpur Indus Institute Of Technology & Management Linux Computer Science and Engineering Outside Punit 20 Mar 2015 13 View Participants
17 Uttar Pradesh Ghaziabad R. D. Engineering College Arduino Electronics and Communication Engineering Mapped Mohit Kr. 15 Jan 2019 7 View Participants
18 Uttar Pradesh Allahabad Mahamaya Govt. Degree College, Dhanupur, Handia, Allahabad Introduction to Computers Bachelor of Science (Bsc) Outside Santosh 01 Jan 2018 2 View Participants
19 Uttar Pradesh Lucknow Amity University, Lucknow R Faculty Development Programs (FDPs)(PMMMNMTT) Outside DR. RAJIV 02 Jan 2020 68 View Participants
20 Uttar Pradesh Jhansi Bundelkhand University LibreOffice Suite Base Biotechnology Outside Er.Sabir 01 Aug 2016 87 View Participants