Workshop/Training Statistics

Total number of Workshop/Training 120890
Participants Count 6095075
Total female participants 2350717
Total male participants 3415998
1 Madhya Pradesh Indore Govt. College Thandla LibreOffice Suite Writer Bachelor of Art (B.A) Outside Govt College 02 Jan 2017 157 View Participants
2 Madhya Pradesh Gwalior Govt. College Aron, Guna LibreOffice Suite Writer BA. Sociology Outside Dr Suman 01 Feb 2017 179 View Participants
3 Madhya Pradesh Dewas Govt. College, Bagli Dewas LibreOffice Suite Writer Arts Unmapped Government college, Bagli 05 Jan 2017 95 View Participants
4 Madhya Pradesh Indore Shri Govindram Seksaria Institute of Technology and Science, Indore LibreOffice Suite Writer Biomedical Engineering Mapped SHEKHAR 29 Sep 2016 24 View Participants
5 Madhya Pradesh Bhopal Government Geetanjali Girls PG (Autonomous) College LibreOffice Suite Writer MCA Mapped SHIPRA 01 Aug 2016 6 View Participants
6 Madhya Pradesh Khandwa Govt. P.G.College Narsinghpur LibreOffice Suite Writer Law Outside DR MANDAKINI 01 Feb 2017 3 View Participants
7 Madhya Pradesh Gwalior Govt Vrinda Sahay College Dabra MP LibreOffice Suite Writer B.A. Sociology with Computer Applications Outside vscollege 02 Jan 2017 21 View Participants
8 Madhya Pradesh Bhopal Career College Bhopal LibreOffice Suite Writer Physiotherapy Outside Prof. Pradeep 20 Sep 2016 23 View Participants
9 Madhya Pradesh Bhopal Govt. P.G.College BHEL, Bhopal LibreOffice Suite Writer B.Sc. Biotechnology Mapped Smt. Preeti Johari 01 Jul 2017 8 View Participants
10 Madhya Pradesh Dewas Govt College Hatpipliya Dewas LibreOffice Suite Writer Bachelor of Art (B.A) Outside Dr Pushpalata 02 Jan 2017 51 View Participants
11 Madhya Pradesh Sagar Govt girls college Bina LibreOffice Suite Writer B. Sc. Computer Science Outside arun 24 Sep 2016 18 View Participants
12 Madhya Pradesh Jabalpur G.H. Raisoni University, Chhindwara LibreOffice Suite Writer Computer Science and Engineering (B.Tech) Outside akshay 08 Jan 2018 12 View Participants
13 Madhya Pradesh Sagar Govt. P.G. Excellence College Tikamgarh (M.P.) LibreOffice Suite Writer B.Sc -Biology Outside DURGA PRASAD 16 Jan 2017 22 View Participants
14 Madhya Pradesh Ujjain Rajiv Gandhi Govt P G College, Mandsaur LibreOffice Suite Writer Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) Outside Govt. P.G. College 01 Mar 2017 14 View Participants
15 Madhya Pradesh Murwara (Katni) Govt. Girls college Katni LibreOffice Suite Writer Science Outside PRINCIPAL 16 Jan 2017 39 View Participants
16 Madhya Pradesh Jabalpur Govt Arts College Panagar LibreOffice Suite Writer B.A Batch 1 Outside mona 01 Jan 2018 10 View Participants
17 Madhya Pradesh Gwalior Govt P G College,Guna MP LibreOffice Suite Writer B.Sc -Biology Outside RACHANA 20 Feb 2017 29 View Participants
18 Madhya Pradesh Bhopal Career College Bhopal LibreOffice Suite Writer B.COM Travel & Tourism (T&T) Outside Prof. Pradeep 31 Aug 2018 20 View Participants
19 Madhya Pradesh Sagar Govt. Degree College Patharia LibreOffice Suite Writer M.Sc in Chemistry Outside Dr. A.R. Malviya 02 Jan 2017 6 View Participants
20 Madhya Pradesh Bhopal Career College Bhopal LibreOffice Suite Writer B.Sc. Mathematics Outside Prof. Pradeep 16 Sep 2019 24 View Participants