Workshop/Training Statistics

Total number of Workshop/Training 118085
Participants Count 5962845
Total female participants 2293256
Total male participants 3341229
1 Rajasthan Dausa Rajesh Pilot Government P. G. College LibreOffice Suite Writer B.A.(GENERAL) Unmapped rpgc 01 Feb 2018 158 View Participants
2 Rajasthan Jaipur Poornima Institute Of Engineering Technology LibreOffice Suite Writer Computer Engineering Mapped MANISH 22 Jul 2016 124 View Participants
3 Rajasthan Rajasamand S.R.K. Government College, Rajasamand LibreOffice Suite Writer B.COM. (G) (General) Unmapped PREM SINGH 01 Mar 2018 8 View Participants
4 Rajasthan Kishangarh Shri Ratanlal Kanwarlal Patni Girls College LibreOffice Suite Writer B.Sc. Mathematics Unmapped Rajendra 01 Sep 2016 52 View Participants
5 Rajasthan Bhilwara Acharya Shri Maha Pragya Institute of Excellence LibreOffice Suite Writer Faculty Development Programs (FDPs)(PMMMNMTT) Mapped DR.J.P.N. 12 Mar 2018 10 View Participants
6 Rajasthan Sri Ganganagar D.B.R.A. Government College, Sri Ganganagar LibreOffice Suite Writer Science Unmapped Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Government College 01 Mar 2017 40 View Participants
7 Rajasthan Ajmer Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan Government College, Ajmer LibreOffice Suite Writer M.Sc. Zoology Mapped Meenakshi 01 Sep 2017 17 View Participants
8 Rajasthan Churu Government College, Ratangarh LibreOffice Suite Writer Bachelor of Science (Bsc) Mapped MUKESH KUMAR 15 Sep 2017 22 View Participants
9 Rajasthan Kota Maharishi Arvind College of Engineering and Technology,kota LibreOffice Suite Writer Civil Engineering Outside Rahul Goswami 07 Oct 2014 81 View Participants
10 Rajasthan Ajmer Regional Institute Of Education LibreOffice Suite Writer B.A. B.ED. Outside Praveen 16 Aug 2017 29 View Participants
11 Rajasthan Jaipur S P D M Government Girls College, Kotputli LibreOffice Suite Writer B.Sc (General) Mapped Renu 01 Jan 2018 11 View Participants
12 Rajasthan Abu Road Madhav University LibreOffice Suite Writer Agriculture Outside JITENDRA 09 Jan 2017 23 View Participants
13 Rajasthan Ajmer Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan Government College, Ajmer LibreOffice Suite Writer M.Sc in Chemistry Unmapped Meenakshi 01 Mar 2017 6 View Participants
14 Rajasthan Churu Lohia Government College, Churu LibreOffice Suite Writer M.Com Outside DR ANIL KUMAR 01 Mar 2017 1 View Participants
15 Rajasthan Kota Government College, Bundi LibreOffice Suite Writer M.Sc. in Botany Unmapped DR DILIP KUMAR 01 Mar 2017 11 View Participants
16 Rajasthan Bharatpur M.S.J. Government College, Bharatpur LibreOffice Suite Writer Bachelor of Science (Bsc) Unmapped MAGAN 01 Mar 2017 5 View Participants
17 Rajasthan Alwar S.D.C.G.J Government College LibreOffice Suite Writer Bachelor of Science (Bsc) Mapped Vijay 05 Feb 2018 18 View Participants
18 Rajasthan Kota Government Polytechnic College, Jhalawar LibreOffice Suite Writer Mechanical Engineering Outside Prashant 26 Feb 2015 22 View Participants
19 Rajasthan Banswara New Look Girls PG College LibreOffice Suite Writer Bachelor of Science (Bsc) Mapped LAXMI 01 Feb 2018 40 View Participants
20 Rajasthan Dausa Government College, Jaipur LibreOffice Suite Writer B.COM. (G) (General) Mapped Dr.Snigdha 01 Jan 2018 24 View Participants