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  • The registration for FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2020 starts on 1 January 2020.
  • The link for registration is available here
  • The complete list of projects/topics under FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2020 is listed here



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Screening Task:

Write a proposal for a learning game to increase student's interest in programming languages. The game should have specific rules that help to achieve certain learning objectives like - simplification of tedious technical/programming concepts, clarity of fundamental database structures, algorithms, and small-scale programming, develop a realistic solution to the given problem.



Submit your proposal on Moodle.

Also, submit sufficient explanation, wire frames, mock-ups. etc.


Evaluation Criteria:

Following criteria will be considered while evaluating the tasks:

  • The simplicity of the proposal
  • Comments for each functionality
  • Documentation should be readable and understandable
  • No plagiarism (if your submission matches another student's submission, both will be rejected)

Once your submission is shortlisted, we will administer a Java/C/Python test which you will need to clear.  Only then will you be selected for the fellowship with us.


6-weeks Fellowship task:

  1. Build a web-based game.

  2. It should have a novice programming/strategy environment with the scheduling of tasks, built into it.

  3. The complexity of the game should be suitable for students between the age of 11 to 15.

  4. There should be an end-of-game evaluation.


Technologies to be used:

Javascript and Javascript frameworks, C or Python.