Spoken Tutorial Data migration/Service Operation in Moodle


  • The registration for FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2020 starts on 1 January 2020.
  • The link for registration is available here
  • The complete list of projects/topics under FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2020 is listed here



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Screening Task:

Screening Task: Moodle Migration:

  1. Install Moodle 2.4 from https://download.moodle.org/download.php/stable24/moodle-2.4.11.tgz

  2. Add initial data to it

  • Add 50 users

  • Add 2 courses and 2 quizzes

  • Add test attempts in the quiz attempt table for each of the 50 users, for both quizzes

Hint: Watch the Moodle spoken tutorials to know-how.

  1. Migrate Moodle 2.4 with all data to latest stable Moodle version

    • Technical Requirements - PHP, MYSQL, Moodle



  1. Perform all the tasks mentioned above.

  2. Send us a step-by-step screenshot of everything you did -

    • Installed Moodle 2.4

    • Added data as mentioned in step 2

    • Migrated to latest Moodle version with all the data

  3. Submit these screenshots and brief documentation on Moodle.

  4. Create a Github Account or use your existing one.

  5. Create a new private repository in your Github Account for task 

  6. Submit your GitHub link on Moodle


Evaluation Criteria:

Following criteria will be considered while evaluating the tasks:

  • The steps followed for migration
  • Comments for each script written
  • Accuracy of results obtained
  • Documentation should be readable and understandable
  • No plagiarism (if your submission matches another student's submission, both will be rejected)


6-weeks Fellowship task:

Migrate existing ST Moodle with data to latest stable version on Beta server.

This will include the student attempts, the quizzes, the question banks, etc.

Also involves compatibility testing when moved, load testing to ascertain how many simultaneous users can take test on Moodle, suggest ways to fix anomalies, suggest ways to manage the database size.


Technologies to be used:

  Moodle, Php, Mysql