Spoken Tutorial - Auto-generation of Mind Maps


Build a tool that generates a hierarchical mind map from a spoken tutorial video or script.

  1. Identify the key phrases

  2. Identify the hierarchy

  3. Create a visual representation

  4. Generate a hierarchical mind map



Submit your proposal for building this hierarchical mind map generation tool to fellowship@spoken-tutorial.org with the subject line as "FOSSEE Semester-long Internship 2022 - ST".

Also submit sufficient documentation, wire frames, mock-ups, etc.


Evaluation Criteria:

Following criteria will be considered while evaluating the tasks:

  • The simplicity of the proposal
  • Comments for each functionality
  • Documentation should be readable and understandable
  • No plagiarism (if your submission matches another student's submission, both will be rejected)

Once your submission is shortlisted, we will administer a Java test which you will need to clear.  Only then will you be selected for the fellowship with us.


Technologies to be used:

JavaScript or any other open source software.