Many times mothers don't listen or get bored or simply ignore our lecture. So now we just show these videos to them and we have observed that their level of understanding and concentration has improved by watching these videos. Now they know, how to hold the baby correctly while breastfeeding, how to make drumstick leaves powder and importance of these powders. They regularly make these powders for their babies. Also all the mother wants us to show these videos several times during our visit.

Health and Nutrition : Sangeeta Pathara, ASHA worker, Walvanda
Details : ASHA worker - trains Mothers, pregnant women

Asha workers go house to house to counsel new mothers/pregnant women about correct nutrition practices. Sometimes they unknowingly forget a few important things to tell the mother and this lack of information could lead to further damage. In such cases, these videos help. The videos contain detailed information about breastfeeding so it reduces our efforts. Now we just show the Mothers the videos on Aakash tablets and they get sufficient information and practical knowledge.

Health and Nutrition : Sheela Tharkade
Details : ASHA worker - trains Mothers, pregnant women

The Spoken tutorials for pregnant woman and lactating mothers are very important and impressive. Many Mothers have benefited from it. I have two children and during my time if these videos were available I would have been able to perform much better. My friends gave excellent feedback about these tutorials. They said they were not aware of 'latching'. They did nipple feeding and so the baby was not fed completely however from the tutorials they learnt correct techniques of Latching.

Health and Nutrition : Varsha Naik, Asst. Prof., Goa College of Home Science
Details : Breastfeeding workshop, North Goa, 1st March 2019

Learning from the audio-video tutorials is much more effective than learning 'theory'. These important tutorials can help bring down Malnutrition and help the babies to have a healthy body and a healthy brain. All pregnant women must watch these tutorials compulsorily.

Health and Nutrition : Ekrupa Mahale, Supervisor, Women and Child development, North Goa
Details : Breastfeeding workshop, North Goa, 1st March 2019

Ms. Shetye speaks about her lack of knowledge and no help from the doctors and nurses regarding Breastfeeding when she was a lactating mother. She wants all the Mothers to watch and share the very impressive and helpful tutorials to learn the correct way and the different techniques of Breastfeeding.

Health and Nutrition : Lawanya Shetye, Nodal Executive, Woman and Child dept., Goa
Details : Breastfeeding workshop, North Goa, 1st March 2019

Using Spoken Tutorials, Samta Foundation has trained 1,000 ASHA workers who in turn have trained 10,000 pregnant women and mothers (having children in the age gap of 0 to 6 years) in their area.

Health and Nutrition : Tanaji Gond, Head of Division - Mother, Child & Vision Care, Samta Foundation, Mumbai
Details : Workshop