Uploading a spice Subcircuit file - English

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1. Introduction to subcircuit. 2. Introduction to Upload feature in the Subcircuit Builder. 3. Downloading and saving the 'FA using NAND. sub' file on Desktop 4. Uploading the subcircuit 'FA using NAND.sub' file using ‘Upload’ option. 5. Directing to Subcircuit library of eSim and verifying the created subcircuit and its sch file. 6. Opening the 'Fulladder' example form eSim. 7. Performing KiCad to Ngspice conversion. 8. Generating the Ngspice and Python plots. 9. Brief introduction on '.include' statement in the UJT subcircuit file. 10. Explaination on how the model 'RMOD' and 'Emitter' is defined in the UJT subcircuit file.