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This series is created with the intention to train maximum number of health workers: Tribal, Rural or otherwise, across India. The tutorials cover crucial topics and vital information that will help the not-so educated tribal health workers, angan-wadi workers, mid-wives and new mothers to easily understand and grasp the most important aspects or practical details of a particular subject and/or situation. The tutorials are created using simple words for ease of understanding. The entire series will be covered using graphics with simultaneous narration to help illustrate the respective topics with maximum clarity. The outreach will be done using the dubbed tutorials in all Indian languages. The motive is to provide access and opportunities for the Tribal and/ Rural Health workers and mothers to learn the basics of health and nutrition of a new-born baby to 2 year old ones. The vision is to curb infant mortality and reach out to as many people as possible to spread awareness on Malnutrition. Read more

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Foss : Health and Nutrition - English

Outline: 1. What is vitamin C? 2. Role of vitamin C in our body 3. Deficiency of vitamin C 4. Food sources of vitamin C 5. Effect of heat on vitamin C 6. Vitamin C rich recipes: a) Gu..