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Components required to build a Robot About soldering DC motors Acrylic Robot Chassis with screws and nuts Steps to mount the motor on the Chassis Fixing the wheels of the Robot Assembled Robot About .apk file About MIT App inventor to build an app Code file for Car Bluetooth RC.apk Steps to install the app on the Android phone

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  • Slides_AssemblyOfRobot/Images/15. Mount the caster wheel on chassis with small screws.JPG
  • Slides_AssemblyOfRobot/Images/14. Flip the chassis to mount caster wheel.JPG
  • Slides_AssemblyOfRobot/Images/13. Tight the screws with screwdriver.JPG
  • Slides_AssemblyOfRobot/Images/12. Place four brass spacers.JPG
  • Slides_AssemblyOfRobot/Images/11. Fix wheels on these motors.JPG
  • Slides_AssemblyOfRobot/Images/10. Same procedure for mounting other DC motor.JPG
  • Slides_AssemblyOfRobot/Images/9. Nut from other side to tighten the screws.JPG
  • Slides_AssemblyOfRobot/Images/8. Insert long screws into brackets and DC motor.JPG
  • Slides_AssemblyOfRobot/Images/7. Place another bracket from outside.JPG
  • Slides_AssemblyOfRobot/Images/6. Place one DC motor AFTER.JPG
  • Slides_AssemblyOfRobot/Images/5. Place one DC motor BEFORE.JPG
  • Slides_AssemblyOfRobot/Images/4. Insert the bracket into slot indicated AFTER.JPG
  • Slides_AssemblyOfRobot/Images/3. Insert the bracket into slot indicated BEFORE.JPG
  • Slides_AssemblyOfRobot/Images/2. Two DC motor with soldered wire.JPG
  • Slides_AssemblyOfRobot/Images/1. DC motor with soldered wire.JPG