Kangaroo Mother Care - English

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1. Introduction A. What is Kangaroo mother care? B. To whom should Kangaroo mother care be provided - a. to babies who don’t require continuous monitoring b. to babies whose birth weight is less than 2.5 kg and c. and to full-term babies too 2. Components of Kangaroo mother care are - A. Skin to skin contact: a. Let down reflex b. Exclusive breastfeeding B. Mandatory breastfeeding for the first 6 months 3. Importance of Kangaroo mother care is - a. it is beneficial for the baby. b. and beneficial for the mother as well. 4. Who can provide Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC)? 5. Basic guidelines to be followed by the KMC provider. 6. While performing KMC, type of clothing recommended for - a. KMC provider b. and for the baby 7. A step-wise procedure of KMC a. Baby’s position b. Feeding the baby c. Things to keep in mind d. Use of stretchy band 8. How to remove the baby from the wrapped cloth during KMC. 9. Danger signs in a newborn baby while performing KMC.